20 Years of Together for Europe

A prophetic sign of unity

About 170 representatives of many Christian Communities and Movements from Eastern and Western Europe come together at Ottmaring and Augsburg on 7 – 9 November, 2019. The more than 300 Christian Movements and Organizations of  Together for Europe (TfE) are aware how important it is, at this point in time, to offer and to be a sign of unity in Europe. Thus they overcome individualism and the fear of being in contact. “To grow together entails a big effort. However, the synergy generated frees new forces and ideas for a Christian Europe”. (Fr Heinrich Walter, member of the Steering Committee).

The ecumenical Centre of Ottmaring saw the birth of TfE 20 years ago; also, Augsburg, the city of peace, is where the “Joint Declaration on the doctrine of Justification” (JDDJ) was signed 20 years ago in St Anne’s Church. It is in these two places that the participants at the Meeting desire, on behalf of their Organizations and Movements, to seek a response for the signs of the times: reconciliation instead of conflict, Christian love instead of hate. During the Meeting the representatives of the European Christian Movements take a look at their history, but also, an above all, they look at the future. “TfE may help Europe to become a strong tree. It is a prophetic sign of unity” (Sr. Nicole Grochowina, member of the Steering Committee).

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Celebration Day in Augsburg