Manifesto “Together for Europe 2012”

We are European citizens, representing a large number of movements and communities that desire to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are Christians: Catholics, Evangelical-Lutherans, Anglicans, from the Orthodox Church and free Churches, coming from different European countries and regions. Despite the great differences in our places of origin and histories, we have become friends and we are connected by a fraternal collaboration.

We have experienced that our diversity is not a reason for division. On the contrary, it represents a multiplicity of gifts and capacities. Together we have seen that unity is possible, a unity that does not cancel our identities, but instead strengthens them. The founding fathers of Europe also envisioned this. They were Christians who had the courage to have a great dream, a vision of unity after the tragedy of totalitarianism and colonialism, the horror of wars, the fathomless suffering of the Shoah and the death camps.

Facing the crises that strike our continent today, as Christians and Europeans, we feel that the answer is not to close ourselves in on national claims, antagonism, conflict and local policies, nor even to protect ourselves behind the new walls of political and economic egoism that divide us from each other, both within our continent as well as between the North and South of the world.

Europe is in need of greater unity. If our countries and our people, face the challenges of a globalized world alone, they will be destined to irrelevance. Europe has a destiny and is a necessity for every one of our nations. A future of peace, prosperity and justice can only be obtained together, in mutual exchange and collaboration. A united Europe, in a reconciled diversity, creates the civilization of a harmonious coexistence much needed by the world.

Today we want to affirm that our brotherhood is at the service of the unity and peace of Europe and of the whole human family. Here in Brussels, cradle of the dream of a united Europe, together we commit ourselves to a Europe characterized by unity, solidarity, and hospitality. Our living together as Europeans must be a sign of this liberty, justice and solidarity.

Together we want to build a Europe that is generously open to the challenges of the developing world; a Europe that puts the quest for peace and a peaceful co-existence at the centre of its concerns and commitments.