Message of “Together for Europe 2007”

Gathered in Stuttgart from all over Europe, representing more than 240 Christian Movements and Communities, we want to bear witness to the continual growth of a new communion among us, a fruit that only the Spirit of God can give.

In this communion we see more clearly our responsibility in facing Europe’s challenges today: to be a strong social and cohesive force within Europe’s cultural pluralism. The awareness that our differences constitute a richness, and are not a reason for fear or division, can become a sign of hope wherever human coexistence is endangered.

We want to offer the contribution of a Gospel that is always relevant and alive. Today, we want to show the fruits of Europe’s Christian roots – the past, present and future of its story – which were so alive also in its reading of the final message founding Fathers. We are grateful to all those who have worked for reconciliation and peace among the European peoples. We hope that Europe – which wounded humanity with colonialism, world wars and the Shoah – can express its spirit with greater courage and so give its contribution towards a more fraternal world, a contribution that is necessary.

Charisms, free gifts of God, urge us along the road towards fraternity and co-existence, indicating this as Europe’s deepest vocation. Our fraternity is born from Gospel-based love, always renewed and communicated without excluding anyone. Because of this very bond that unites us in God, today we have renewed the Pact of mutual love, as Jesus has asked us to do.

United by this Pact of mutual love,

  • Let us say Yes to life and let us work to defend its inviolable dignity at every stage, from conception to its natural end.
  • Let us say Yes to the family united by an indissoluble bond of love between man and woman, the foundation of a united society that looks to the future.
  • Let us say Yes to creation, by defending nature and the environment, gifts of God to be safeguarded with commitment that respects future generations.
  • Let us say Yes to a just economy, at the service of every person and of all humankind.
  • Let us say Yes to solidarity with the poor and the marginalized, be they near or far – they are our brothers and sisters. Let us ask our governments and the European Union to work in a determined manner for the poor and for the development of disadvantaged nations, especially those of Africa.
  • Let us say Yes to peace, and let us commit ourselves to bringing it about that, through dialogue, understanding and reconciliation may be found in situations of conflict. Our world has no future without peace.
  • Let us say Yes to our responsibility towards the whole of society and let us work so that through everyone’s participation, cities might become places of solidarity and welcome for people of different nationalities and cultures.

To this end, we want to take on this commitment together, each movement and community in accordance with its own charism and potentialities.

To this end , we want to work together with all men and women, with institutions and with all social and political entities.

Together we want to place ourselves at the service of peace and unity that are at the foundation of today’s Europe.

Together we want to communicate to Europe and to the world the Gospel of life and peace that animates our Movements and Communities.