.Europe Day.

.Together for Europe Day.

.9th MAY 2020.

In the Newsletter sent at the end of February, we have asked you to send us news regarding events and initiatives being prepared – as in previous years – to mark the Feast of Europe on May 9, 2020. We were hoping that many events would be held in public so that they could present the Christian spirit which enlivens them, a spirit that radiates hope and unity in diversity. However, Covid-19 is compelling us to face new and unexpected challenges.

Who could have possibly imagined the scenario that is opening up in many parts of the world, and that the one in Europe would be so particularly impressive? 

And yet, even such a sad reality offers new opportunities. This was well expressed by Luigino Bruni, an economist and a journalist, who has been involved with Together for Europe since its birth.

He stated: “We are passing through a time of deep uncertainty, which is bringing all of us together all over the world, and we still have no idea when normality could be once again the norm.

A forced isolation could be a time during which we could enhance our networks; a time during which we could communicate more with one another to reassure each other that we care and that we want to live these moments keeping the others close to our heart”.

A network of prayer, of shared life experiences, of solidarity, of mutual love… cannot be jeopardized by a virus! Its true threat is that it might separate us from one another. Yes, we need to observe all indications for prevention and abide by what the authorities decide – without, however, forgetting that the other person remains always our brother or sister.

The social networks are already brimming with encouragement and the will to react positively to this global challenge and change it into an opportunity. Will our creativity manage to “invent” new ways to celebrate together May 9?

Once again, this year a journey of six weeks of prayer has been prepared; this starts on March 28 and leads us up to May 9. The texts can be downloaded at the bottom of this page; naturally they may be adapted to your respective realities and your own prayers added.

“A vocation to promote Europe, a united Europe, is a Christian vocation”. (Chiara Lubich)
“Together we will succeed to create that space in Europe «where life is enjoyable»”. (Helmut Nicklas)

This space is reserved for our experiences of solidarity, mutual love and all that our creativity invented to celebrate this year’s Europe Day in a new way
During these six weeks let us pray for all European Countries – from the Atlantic to the Urals. Let the way we live witnesses to our faith in God, convinced that everything that happens is for the good of those who love Him.

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