.Europe Day.

.Together for Europe Day.

.9th MAY 2021.

“Only a few dreamt to see a united Europe. Now, this has become the hope of many. Today, it has become a necessity for all”. (Konrad Adenauer, one of the Founding Fathers of the EU).

May 9 is Europe Day. At a time of marked by the pandemic, the international experience of Together for Europe has proved to be important as never before. Through the friendship between all the Movements and their collaboration to help the needy, to safeguard the environment and to promote peace, ‘Together’ has become ever more a sign of hope.

We are all called to be protagonists in our daily life. It’s not difficult to start. Each morning, let us ask ourselves: today, to whom can I show my love, concretely and through prayer?

To take care of our neighbours, our colleagues, the refugee families, the old people, the sick and children is a social vocation with planetary dimensions: acting locally, while thinking globally.

In marking Europe Day, we ought to involve the greatest number of persons possible so that this Day may result in a Europe that is united, with a stronger cohesion.

Technology offers us the possibility to meet virtually all over Europe, and the mutual sharing done during these meetings is quite enriching.

Below, the young adults are already sharing their opinions about Europe through video clips.

For the third year running, even his year, a prayer journey of six weeks has been prepared: it starts on March 28, 2021 and ends on May 9, Europe Day.

This is an invitation to pray, to live and to witness together our faith in God and our Christian values. The texts, which have been prepared by various groups in France and Italy, can be downloaded from down below.

How do young people see Europe? Tell us about it!

What does YOUR Europe look like?

It’s easy to take part: All you need is your smartphone and 90 seconds of your time. We would like to see videos from Russia to Portugal, from Norway to Malta.

Tell us about YOUR Europe – pass on the star!

Video clips – What do young adults think about Europe 2021?

This is the space reserved for the sharing of projects and experiences in view of Europe Day 2021.

7 May in Brussels

Who cares!

The Czech Republic prays

My Europe – 45 minutes for Europe

Europe: reasons to hope

An event in the Chapel for Europe

May 8 Graz – time to dialogue

Italy in action

9th of May in the Netherlands

Die Schweiz betet mit

Entitled ‘Europe: the right to hope’, these prayers and reflections, starting with the Word of God, regard various life realities. These can be freely adapted to your situation and further intentions can be integrated.