MUNICH 2016 – Outdoor Rally


500 years of division is enough – unity is possible!

Divided Churches, people fleeing their countries, poverty caused by various crises in Europe  –  Christians of different Churches and Communities say their Yes to unity in the diversity of cultures.

United we wish to give a sign of hope and witness to our journey ‘Together’ in Europe

With the participation of leaders from different Movements and Communities, including: Maria Voce (Focolare Movement), Gerhard Pross (YMCA Esslingen), Andrea Riccardi (Community of Sant’Egidio), Gerhard Kehl (Jordan-Stiftung), Michelle Moran (ICCRS), P. Heinrich Walter (Schoenstatt Movement), Gérard Testard (Efesia), Thomas Römer (YMCA Munich), Walter Heidenreich (Freie Christliche Jugendgemeinschaft Lüdenscheid)…

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There will be a streaming broadcast from 2pm to 6pm in the following languages (as per date of Newsletter publication): German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Hungarian. After 6pm the broadcast will continue in the original language until 10pm.

A link to access the broadcast will be published on the Homepage of this international web site in due course.

Karlsplatz (Stachus) Square in Munich (Germany) | 2nd July 2016 | 2 pm – 10 pm

The programme will unfold in four parts.

Space will be devoted throughout the programme to performances (music, mime, dance…) culminating in a symbolic act of reconciliation, a reconciliation that opens doors to the future. 

Outdoor Rally comperes:

Teresa Parlasca  –  Johannes Klein

I. Unity is possible!

  • Opening music and introduction to the programme: why are we here?
  • Maria Voce (Focolare Movement): Unity is possible
  • Messages and video recorded messages from Pope Francis and from Patriarch Bartholomew
  • Short testimonials of ‘successful experiences of unity’ from various European countries

II. Reconciliation opens up the future – 500 years of division is enough

  • Miroslav Volf: Message of reconciliation
  • Testimonial of reconciliation between Reformed Church and the Mennonites (Peter Dettwiler and Larry Miller)
  • Gerhard Pross (YMCA Esslingen): Unity in reconciled diversity

Interviews with:

  • Card. Kurt Koch (Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Rome)
  • Evangelical Bishop Frank Otfried July (Lutheran World Federation)
  • Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit (Ecumenical Council of Churches)
  • Metropolitan Seraphim Joanta (Metropolitan of the Orthodox Romanian Church of Germany, Central and Northern Europe)


III. A culture of relationship and mercy

  • Young people’s voice: That’s how I would like Europe – that’s a Europe worth working for!
  • Gérard Testard (Efesia): How the journey of Together for Europe changed me
  • Jeff Fountain (Free Church): The Future of Europe lies in its roots
  • Andrea Riccardi (Community of Sant’Egidio): No more walls!

IV. Mission and future

  • Interview with Evangelical Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm and Cardinal Reinhard Marx
  • Gerhard Kehl (Jordan-Stiftung): Short update on series of events “Beginnings of a New Journey in Europe”
  • Concluding Message: Thomas Römer (YMCA Munich) and Michelle Moran (ICCRS)
  • Sending off: P. Heinrich Walter (Schoenstatt Movement)
  • Encounters in the streets and squares of Munich to follow

From 7pm till 10pm Musik – Messagges – Celebration

Walter Heidenreich(FCJG); Paul Manwaring (Bethel Church); Gerhard Kehl (Jordan Stiftung); Matthias Kunick (YMCA Munich); Jessica Angelina (GLC Munich); Christof Michos (EVZ Munich),  P. Hans-Martin Samietz (Schoenstatt Movement)

During the Outdoor Rally and in the evening, the following bands will be playing: