Munich 2016

Together for Europe. Encounter. Reconciliation. Future.

For the third time we are extending the invitation to a Congress for leaders and members of Christian Movements and Communities, Works and Initiatives. It will take place from 30th June to 1st July 2016 in Munich, Germany.

On Saturday 2nd July 2016, the Congress will culminate with our Together for Europe Outdoor Rally, to be held in Munich’s Karlsplatz (Stachus) city square. Many of us – men and women, adults and young people – will take part in this Event to send out a strong message of being Together.

What is our objective?

It is our experience that unity is possible. Through the International Congress and the Outdoor Rally, we want to contribute towards reconciliation of Christians and of Churches.

Through our witness of unity and reconciliation we also hope to impact on society as a whole. We want to encourage all people of our time to respond with a decisive and hopeful YES for going ahead together and overcoming barriers among people, nations, social and cultural groups. It is our hope that reconciliation can happen and that we will be able to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of today with renewed joy.

Together for Europe is encounter, reconciliation and hope in a better future.


To be held at Circus-Krone-Bau (Marsstraße 43, 80335 München, Germaniafrom Thursday 30th June to Friday 1st July 2016. The location is in the center of Munich, one subway stop from the central train station.


The programme of the plenary sessions will include:

  • biblical exegesis on the challenges of Gospel life accompanied by experiences;
  • the ways in which the Pact of mutual love puts an end to the 500 year long division between the Churches of the Reformation and the Catholic Church;
  • new social, political and ecclesiastical attitudes, resulting from the Pact;
  • the study of Together for Europe’s history in order to understand more clearly the task that derives from it towards society, the Churches and Europe.

During plenary sessions speeches will be delivered in the speaker’s own language. Official translations will be provided into English, German, French and Italian languages.

The programme of the plenaries will include various opportunities for dialogue. On Thursday there will be an evening of prayer, while Friday evening will be dedicated to recreation.

MORNING SESSION | 30/06/2016 | 9:30-13:00

Thursday morning will be devoted to the topic “unity and reconciliation”. Looking together at our history we want to give expression to the hope that guides us. What type of experience and model of Church do we envisage for our Movements and Communities in the future? From where do we draw inspiration?

EVENING SESSION (CELEBRATION) | 30/06/2016 | 19:30-21:30

Thursday evening: Celebration of Together for Europe.

MORNING SESSION | 01/07/2016 | 9:30-13:00

Friday morning we will consider various challenges Europe is facing today in order to ask ourselves: What are the answers to be found in our faith? What are the contributions we can offer for a better future? We will focus on our mandate and apostolate as Christian Communities and Movements today, open to society and its needs.

EVENING SESSION (OUTCOMES) | 01/07/2016 | 19:30-21:30

Friday evening together we will take stock of the outcomes of the Conference. We will entrust in prayer the steps which we have identified as important and we will prepare for the Saturday Public Event.


Gerhard Proß, Sr. Vernita Weiß, Sr. Anna-Maria aus der Wiesche, Br. Franziskus Joest, Maria Voce, Herbert Lauenroth, Gérard Testard, Pastor Thomas Römer, Hartmut Steeb, Fr. Lothar Penners, Card. Walter Kasper, Evangelical Bishop Christian Krause, Card. Reinhard Marx, Evangelical Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm

Songs of praise: Albert Frey and Andrea Adams-Frey


Thursday afternoon (3pm – 5.30pm) 19 Forums will take place, during which Communities and Movements will consider selected topics in the light of their charisms, allowing space for dialogue.

The languages can be seen listed for each individual Forum below (subject to change).

For further information on individual Forums please click the required Forum title.

FORUM 1: YES to social responsibility: is a reconciled co-existence in border regions possible?

LOCATION: St. Benno, Kreittmayrstr. 31 (Hall)


How far are we on our way to becoming a global family? In what way are we affected by the experience of previous generations and what effect do encounters in border regions and places of commemoration have?

Equipes Notre-Dame (END), Euregio Christengemeinde – Euregio Christengemeente (ECG), Movimento dei Focolari, Geistliche Gemeinde-Erneuerung in der Evangelischen Kirche (GGE), Missionarische Heilig-Geist-Gemeinschaft Steyl (MHGG)

FORUM 2: Integration and reconciliation – “I was a stranger and you invited me in – You did it for me” (Matthew 25:35b)

LOCATION: St. Bonifaz, Karlstr. 34 (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, English

In what way does integration facilitate reconciliation? Pooling of experiences of and presentation of projects focused on working with refugees.

Youth with a Mission, Movimento dei Focolari, Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Netzwerk „Christ und Jurist“ (German Christian Legal Society)

FORUM 3: How are we called to live as Christians in the area of Economy?

LOCATION: Hochschule der Jesuiten, Kaulbachstr. 31a (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, English

Economy and faith are not mutually exclusive. In the Communities of Together many examples are found of lived faith impacting on economy and operating positive changes. We will hear examples of such witness and we will also explore how to live out our Christianity in the day to day economy. We want to show that also here Jesus is the Lord.

Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, Tertiärgemeinschaft Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz, CiW – Christen in der Wirtschaft, Comunità di Nomadelfia, YMCA Munich, Movimento dei Focolari, Gemeinschaft Immanuel, Schönstatt-Bewegung

FORUM 4: "Dialogue of Life" - experiences of reconciliation lived out

LOCATION: St. Markuskirche, Gabelsbergerstr. 6 (Church)

LANGUAGES:  German, Russian, Slovak. Texts will be distributed in English

Reconciliation is the living foundation of any vibrant community. It guarantees a continuous renewal of life. Experiences of reconciliation make the face of Christ stand out visibly in a sister or a brother and help us recognise that we are already deeply united in the one body of Christ. Faithful to our Churches and living Jesus’ New Commandment (John 13:34) we want to share with others our witness of life, showing how by working, praying and living together discord and divisions can be overcome and a reconciled diversity is achievable.

The Sword of the Spirit, Schönstatt-Bewegung, Movimento dei Focolari, Evangelische Michaelsbruderschaft, The Transfiguration Fellowship of Minor Orthodox Brotherhoods – Russia

FORUM 5: Involvement and the hopes of young people in Together for Europe. What is the experience so far? How can it be encouraged?

LOCATION: Baptisten, Holzstr. 9  (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, English

Working with young people is a great privilege. Together we want to explore and understand in what areas young people have already been working in unity, what excites them and what possibilities they envisage for the future.

Including among others Jael Pust (JAHU) and Christof Michos (Evangeliumszentrum)

The Sword of the Spirit, YMCA Munich, JAHU Biel, Jesus-Bruderschaft, Movimento dei Focolari, Evangeliumszentrum München, Schönstatt-Bewegung

FORUM 6: YES to solidarity with the weakest

LOCATION: Matthäuskirche, Nußbaumstr. 1  (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, French

The growing impact of this crisis on the most vulnerable strata of the population leads to inequality, marginalization and most of all human suffering. Based on the experience of Christian Communities and Movements, the speakers will reflect on the many challenges of the struggle against poverty and marginalization, considering possible ways to meaningfully intensify solidarity with refugees.

Efesia, ACAT, Gemeinschaft Sant’Egidio, Matthäusdienste an der Evang. Luth. Matthäuskirche Munich, YMCA Munich

FORUM 7: Culture of reconciliation in marriage and family – experiences and expertise

LOCATION: Matthäuskirche,  Nußbaumstr. 1 (Church)


After a talk that will set the topic in broad terms by Susanne and Dieter Endres, contributions from couples, with ample space for discussion and pooling of experiences of life, will be offered. It is the objective of this Forum to give practical inputs for both preparation of day meetings on the above theme and for the daily life of couples and families. Families from communities involved in the preparation of this Forum will share their experiences in supporting other families and couples.

Ökumenisches Netzwerk von Verantwortlichen in Ehe-Initiativen, YMCA Munich, der Ehekurs von Alpha, EFA Stiftung, Equipes Notre Dame, Familien mit Christus, Movimento dei Focolari, Geist und Sendung, IGNIS, JMEM, JMS Altensteig, LISA- Eheatelier, Netzwerk Ehe und Familie, OJC, proEhe – Family life Mission, Stand up, Schönstatt-Familienbewegung, Team–F, Wörnersberger Anker

FORUM 8: The cost and reward of unity – overcoming frictions and conflicts. Nurturing Togetherness

LOCATION: Circus Krone (Hall)


Including among others Cardinal Walter Kasper (Rome)

Movimento dei Focolari, Edith Wenger (BFP), Schönstatt-Bewegung, Tertiärgemeinschaft Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz, Oekumenisches Lebenszentrum Ottmaring, Evangeliumszentrum München

FORUM 9: Together be pilgrims of the world – pray and walk the paths of reconciliation

LOCATION: St. Sebastian, Hiltenspergerstraße 115  (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, English

As in ancient times we observe in our world today a current of pilgrimage. Christians have particular reasons to set out together on pilgrimage: experience of the presence of God and to share faith; prayer for healing and reconciliation for historical wounds in the relation between nations; preparing the way for a new evangelisation.

Gemeinsam beten & bewegen e.V., Schönstatt-Bewegung, CCR, Tertiärgemeinschaft Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz

FORUM 10: Give Europe a soul – lived brotherhood

LOCATION: Dreieinigkeitskirche, Merzstraße (Church)

LANGUAGES: English, Italien, French

To give a soul to Europe, means to live in fraternity – that is in good, peaceful, caring relationships with one another – experiencing solidarity with all peoples of Europe, amidst the challenges brought on by migration. If Europe is to find unity today, that unity needs to be built around a renewed awareness of Europe’s Christian roots, and a rediscovery of unity of all humans as spiritual beings created in the image of God.

Including among others Jesús Morán Cepedano, Co-President of the Focolare Movement

The Sword of the Spirit, International Association of Catherinites, Efesia, Focolare Movement 

FORUM 11: “Round tables” – models of reconciliation

LOCATION: Auferstehungskirche, Geroltstr. 12 (Church)


Practicing Christians of various Churches, Free Churches and Movements grow closer to each other through the so-called “Ecumenism of the Hearts”. They overcome old divisions and stances of preconceived judgment, walking together the path of reconciliation and wholeheartedly desiring unity of the Body of Christ. The next step indicates the future: they share charisms like a prophetic sign; they unite their objectives and ask God for His Spirit and blessing to better listen and work together.

Freie Christengemeinde, Schönstatt-Bewegung, Movimento dei Focolari, Rinnovamento Carismatico, Lumen Christi – Tirolo, Loretto-Gemeinschaft, Christnet, Fürbitte für Österreich, YMCA Austria, Pfingstkirchen, Julius-Schniewind-Haus–Gemeinschaft

FORUM 12: Living reconciled. Itineraries, outcomes and experiences in the urban environment

LOCATION: Evangelische Stadtakademie, Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 24  (Hall)


In this Forum witnesses of reconciliation from living and working together in urban environments will be offered. There will be space given to Q&A with Forum speakers drawing from them inspiration and wisdom for the daily life on the local level.

Including among others Dr. Stefan Kiefer (the Lord Mayor of Augsburg), Herman Weber (Senior Counselor at Mayor’s office Augsburg), Fr. Elmar Busse (Director of Schönstatt-Zentrum Munich)

YMCA Augsburg, the City of Augsburg, Stadtkloster Berlin, Stadtkloster Zürich, Quartierkloster Philadelphia Zürich, Focolare Movement, Schönstatt-Bewegung

FORUM 13: Path to joy – testimonials of reconciliation in pastoral care

LOCATION: St. Michael,  Maxburgstr. 1  (Hall)


Forum includes four workshops:

  1. From crisis to a new beginning (Annette Gerlach/Movimento dei Focolari, Birgit Rossmanith/YMCA Esslingen)
  2. Rise towards God. Set on a journey following His Gospel (Ingrid Biesinger/YMCA Esslingen, Maria Kaissling/OJC, Christiane Mack/Con Vita)
  3. Opening doors opens gates of hope. Healing comes from a life-giving force from the source. (Dorothee Kreissig/Berneuchner Dienst, Carmen Lauble/TG der CB Selbitz)
  4. Let ourselves be touched by God’s mercy (Wolfgang Soldan/Ignis Academy)

It is important to emphasise that pastoral care encompasses many different aspects and approaches which are not mutually exclusive. These workshops will afford participants the opportunity to experience some of them. A “space for reconciliation” will be offered, where the participants can at their own pace pray, meditate and reflect on the topic of reconciliation (with supporting texts, installations and images).

Tertiär-Gemeinschaft der Christusbruderschaft Selbitz, IGNIS-Academy, Con Vita and und NIS, YMCA Esslingen, Offensive Junger Christen, Focolare Movement, Berneuchner Dienst

FORUM 14: Evangelisation today – Experiences of Together

LOCATION: Christuskirche, Dom-Pedro-Platz 4  (Hall)


Evangelisation in Jesus’ footsteps: with due regard for people of different faiths, and drawing on the experience of being ‘Together’ in reconciliation, give a testimony to people of a life with Jesus.

Christusträger-Schwestern, YMCA Esslingen, Tertiärgemeinschaft Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz, Alpha-Deutschland, Christus-Treff Marburg, EFS-Sohland, FCJG Horizonte, Loretto, Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis (OFS), The Sword of the Spirit, Totus Tuus

FORUM 15: Together give voice to the Word in the New Media

LOCATION: St. Anna, Lehel  (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, English

Christians online – focusing on what counts, we want to be the voice of Christ on the internet. “Whoever listens to you listens to me.” (Luke 10:16)

Franziskanische Gemeinschaft, Mission is possible, Verbum Dei / Portugal, Carmelo

FORUM 16: Spiritual renewal of the Church

LOCATION: Salvatorkirche, Salvatorstr. 17 (Church)


Christianity in Europe is undergoing a process of significant transformation. The traditional Churches suffer from a decrease in membership, internal uncertainties and a loss of relevance. Nearly all contents of faith become controversial. Simultaneously, many people long for a new impetus in relation to their faith and the Church.  How, given the current situation, can a new spiritual journey begin in our Churches? What are the conditions, characteristics and consequences of a spiritual renewal? What are the steps we must now take? In this context, how can the event commemorating the Reformation 500 years ago be welcomed in a spiritual way?

Including among others the Regional Bishop Ulrich Mack, Prof. Dr. Tobias Faix, Dr. Johannes Hartl

Geistliche Gemeindeerneuerung, Schönstatt-Bewegung, YMCA, Gebetshaus Augsburg

FORUM 17: Living reconciliation – daring to cross borders

LOCATION: CVJM (YMCA) München, Landwehrstr. 13  (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, French,  Polish

Experiencing reconciliation is an event, live reconciliation is a multifaceted process. Courage and spiritual strength are fundamental to overcome a variety of obstacles and commence to love and value what is different as your own.

Cursillo, Tertiärgemeinschaft Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz, Communauté du Verbe de Vie/ Notre Dame de Fichermont, YMCA Munich, Charismatische Erneuerung,  Gemeinschaft Immanuel Ravensburg

FORUM 18: Celebrate Jesus with our Jewish brothers? We wish to heal our past!

LOCATION: Auferstehungskirche, Geroltstr. 12  (Hall)


Jesusbruderschaft Gnadenthal, Geistliche Gemeindeerneuerung, Equipes Notre Dame

FORUM 19: Spiritual Movements and Institutional Churches – Routes towards mutual enrichment

LOCATION: Karmelitersaal, Karmeliterstr. 1  (Hall)


Models of hope – how to abandon parallel paths for a fruitful way together. Community in dialogue with the Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Maria Renz of the Catholic Church and Dr. Frank Zeeb of the Evangelical Church.

Including among others  the auxiliary Bishop Thomas N. Renz and Dr. Frank Zeeb

Movimento dei Focolari, Schönstatt-Bewegung, Tertiärgemeinschaft Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz, Familien mit Christus, YMCA  Esslingen


Friday afternoon (3pm – 5.30pm) Round tables will be held in different parts of the city of Munich. The Round tables are platforms for dialogue of Communities and Movements, with experts from different Churches as well as the world of political and social walks of life. Round tables will be open to the public of the city of Munich and surrounding areas.

The languages can be seen listed for each individual Round table below (subject to change).

For further information on individual Round tables, please click the required Round table title.

ROUND TABLE # 1: YES to life from beginning to end

LOCATION: Auferstehungskirche, Geroltstr. 12 (Hall)


At a time of major changes in the understanding of duration of human life this Round table explores some existential questions. It wishes to bring a Christian perspective in the debate on euthanasia and to reaffirm a “YES to life”.

Speakers: Dr. Marcus Knaup, Hagen; Mechthild E. Löhr, Glashütten

Moderator: Stephanie Merckens, Austria

Preparation: Elke Pechmann, Offensive Junger Christen; Jesus-Bruderschaft Gnadenthal; Movimento dei Focolari

ROUND TABLE # 2: Youth and the elderly – solidarity among generations

LOCATION: Evangelische Stadtakademie, Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 24 (Hall)


Demographic change and current debates oblige us to focus on the intergenerational contract. Preferential treatment should be given to the most vulnerable members of our society, namely children and the elderly.

Speakers: Emilia Müller, Minister of the Bavarian State Government; Fr. Hans-Martin Samietz, Munich; Michael Götz, Nuremberg, YMCA Bavaria

Preparation: Fr. Stefan Strecker, Schönstatt-Bewegung; Gemeinschaft Immanuel; The Sword of the Spirit with Gemeinschaft Brot des Lebens

ROUND TABLE # 3: Marriage and the family – foundations for a sustainable society

LOCATION: CVJM (YMCA) München, Landwehrstr. 13 (Hall)


What is our Christian understanding of marriage and the family? What are the challenges that marriage and the family face today? What makes them sustainable? We will reflect on these questions through addresses, statements, discussion and artistic performances. This Round table takes its cue from the 2007 “YES to the family”. The question of family is of extreme relevance not only in Europe, but also on a worldwide scale in a broader context of social transformation. Through his Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” Pope Francis has highlighted this topic and imbued it with a new and broader dimension.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christoph Raedel, Gießen; Prof. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, Bonn

Statements: Lioba and Andreas Ennemoser, Equipes Notre-Dame Italien; Michael and Petra Kiess, Schönstatt-Bewegung

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Hubertus Brantzen, Mainz

Preparation: Elisabeth and Hans-Georg Hagmann, Schönstatt-Bewegung; Marly and Hans-Peter Stasch, Movimento dei Focolari; Bernhard and Monika Stock, The Sword of the Spirit with Gemeinschaft Brot des Lebens

ROUND TABLE # 4: Ways to a sustainable Europe

LOCATION: Circus Krone, Marsstr. 43 (Hall)

LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, French

Evidence of disruptions to the sensitive ecological system of the Earth are manifold. Climate change and water shortage are among the great challenges humanity will face over the next decade. Public debate in this area has been informed by both the 2015 Paris Climate Conference and Pope Francis’ encyclical on environmental issues. We seek ways of reconciling environmental foresight with social responsibility and healthy economic development. We reflect on the meaning of faith in the Risen Christ and what this means for our universe and the hope that this can generate. Together we want to search ways towards a future in which we are guardians of God’s creation.

Speakers: Cardinal Peter Turkson, Vatican; Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Minister for the Environment, Germany; Daniele Renzi, Italy; Pastor Siegfried Grossmann, Braunschweig; Sr. Nicole Grochowina, Selbitz 

Preparation: Sebastian Eisele and Marianne Pfaffinger, YMCA Munich; Prof. Luca Fiorani, Movimento dei Focolari; representatives of Regional Evangelical Churches 

ROUND TABLE # 5: Sustainability of Christian values in modern economy and in the demanding daily routine of the professional life

LOCATION: Hochschule der Jesuiten für Philosophie, Kaulbachstraße 31a (Hall)

LANGUAGE: English, German

Most Christians are called to fulfill professional tasks in all areas of the economy and public service. We ask ourselves: In what way are Christian values relevant in every day life of work and business? Are they visible? In concrete ways and on scientific foundations.

The main speaker will be Dr. Iris Hauth, President of the German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the executive body of one of the largest networks of psychiatric hospitals in Germany. This Round table will tackle the issue of how non-profit organisations should operate in a market economy. Experiences of entrepreneurs from different industries and countries will show how Christian values inspired their actions.  The Round table will conclude its works with an expert debate on complementarity of science and theology and its impact on the European economy.

Speaker: Dr. Iris Hauth, President of the German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Berlin

Statements: Prof. Dr. Luigino Bruni, Movimento dei Focolari; Manuela and Peter Miller, Schönstatt-Bewegung and others 

Video: David Dennemoser, Gemeinschaft Immanuel Ravensburg

Preparation: Dr. Reinhardt Schink, YMCA Munich; Associazione Comunità Pàpa Giovanni XXIII; Tertiärgemeinschaft Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz; CiW – Christen in der Wirtschaft; Comunità di Nomadelfia

ROUND TABLE # 6: Solidarity – an established yet recurring motif

LOCATION: Mathildensaal, Mathildenstr. 4

LANGUAGES: German, English

Topic of this Round table is “YES to solidarity…” mainly within the southern hemisphere. Examples of lived solidarity will be presented and we will consider ways in which we can offer solidarity in relation to HIV or the Ebola virus.

Speaker: Regional Bishop Emeritus Jürgen Johannesdotter, Bückeburg; Ursula Kalb, Comunità Sant‘Egidio; Juan Simoes Iglesias, Spain, YMCA Europe; Barbara Beu, Straßbourg, Gemeinschaft Emmaus

Moderator: Eberhard Schulte, YMCA Ansbach

Preparation: Eberhard Schulte and Comunità di Sant’Egidio

ROUND TABLE # 7: Immigration – drama and opportunity for the old continent

LOCATION: Auferstehungskirche, Geroltstr. 12 (Church)

LANGUAGES: English, Italian

Current refugee drama represents a challenge for Europe. YES to peace for a reconciled Europe is topical also from the point of view of treatment afforded to these new citizens.

Speakers: Senior Church Council Member Dieter Kaufmann, Stuttgart; Michael Schöpf SJ, Munich; Archbishop Emeritus Dr. Robert Zollitsch, Freiburg

Project examples Comunità di Sant’Egidio (the Reverend Dr. Matthias Leineweber) and Movimento dei Focolari – AMU (Stefano Comazzi)

Moderator: Agnés Rausch, Gemeinschaft Christlichen Lebens Luxembourgh

Preparation: the Reverend Dr. Matthias Leineweber, Comunità di Sant’Egidio; Comunità Pàpa Giovanni XXIII; Schönstatt-Bewegung; Movimento dei Focolari; Associazione per un Mondo Unito ONLUS; Jugend mit einer Mission

ROUND TABLE # 8: The future of our society: Mission and responsibility of the younger generation

LOCATION: Christuskirche, Dom-Pedro-Platz 4 (Hall)


The Round table is based on “YES to social responsibility” with a special attention to youth. Young people will share their ideas on projects in which they are involved.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Eilert, Kassel

Statements: Paul Metzlaff, Düsseldorf, afj Arbeitsstelle für Jugendseelsorge der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz (Office for Youth Ministry of the German BishopsConference); Philipp Obrigewitsch and Lena Postic, YMCA Esslingen; Marius Häffner, Munich, Lucia Reinsperger, Wien, Schönstatt-Bewegung

Moderator: Christiane Rohn, Munich

Preparation: Schönstatt-Bewegung; YMCA Esslingen

ROUND TABLE # 9: Together we are strong! – Reconciliation is alive – future is already here!

LOCATION: St. Markuskirche, Gabelsbergerstr 6 (Church)


Encounters, forgiveness and reconciliation lay the foundation for a viable future for all peoples and their endeavors. Reconciliation among Churches, within communities, in social, political and economic life is paramount for a future to include every group and individual. All of this is not to be taken for granted. It is paramount if we want a future where every person and every group of people is to find life worth living.

Speakers: Michael Prinz zu Salm-Salm, Wallhausen; Prof. Miroslav Volf, USA

Statements: Peter Dettwiler, Switzerland, Johannes Fichtenbauer, Austria; Pfr. Sergej Antunoch, Wolgograd; Pastor Hans-Joachim Scholz;  Claudia and Fred Jung.

Preparation: Renate Henning, Aachen, Gemeinschaft Immanuel; Prof. Dr. Lothar Ruf, Darmstadt, Schönstatt-Bewegung; Michael Prinz zu Salm-Salm 

ROUND TABLE # 10: Gospel for people of today

LOCATION: Karmelitersaal, Karmeliterstr. 1 (Hall)


How to bring the gospel with new energy and enthusiasm to an ever more secular Europe? What new opportunities can today’s person find in it?

Speakers: Dr. Christian Hennecke, Hildesheim; Bishop Dr. Hans-Jürgen Abromeit, Greifswald; Dr. Roland Werner, Marburg

Preparation: Pastor Jürgen Baron, Kassel; Working group of YMCA Germany; Alpha France; Charismatische Erneuerung Bamberg; Chemin Neuf; Communauté Emmanuel France; SMD; Comunità di Sant’Egidio; Schönstatt-Bewegung

ROUND TABLE # 11: What stage are we at on the way to unity of Christians?

LOCATION: Erlöserkirche, Ungererstr. 13 (Church)

LANGUAGES: German, English, Italian

The 500th year anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation will be commemorated in 2017. What are the possibilities, what further steps can be taken on the path to unity?

Speakers: Card. Kurt Koch, Rome; Evangelical Bishop Dr. h.c. Frank O. July, Stuttgart; Metropolitan Seraphim Joanta, Nuremberg, Germany

Statements: Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches; Dr. Larry Miller, Mennonite, Secretary of the Global Christian Forum, USA/France; Lujaina Toumah, Syria

Preparation: Sr. Anna-Maria aus der Wiesche, Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz; Dr. Joan Pavi Back and Heike Vesper, Movimento dei Focolari; Dr. Christian Löhr, Schönstatt-Bewegung

ROUND TABLE # 12: Christians and Muslims in dialogue

LOCATION: St. Bonifaz, Karlstr. 34 (Hall)

LANGUAGES: German, Italian, French

Political and armed conflicts around the world as well as issues concerning co-existence within European cities pose a real challenge to our Continent. In this context, the contribution of religions and a YES to peace proclaimed by Christians and Muslims alike, is of a particular relevance.

Speakers: Dr. Beate Beckmann-Zöller, Munich; Gérard Testard, Paris, Efesia; Bishop Michel Dubost, France; Amb. Pasquale Ferrara, Rome; Pastor Dr. Thomas Amberg, Nürnberg; Imam Mustapha Baztami, Teramo / Italy

Moderator: Prof. Giuseppe Milan, Padua / Italy

Preparation: Antonella Bianco, Movimento dei Focolari; Efesia; Evangelische Michaelsbruderschaft

ROUND TABLE # 13: Martyrdom – a painful witness of Christians today

LOCATION: Baptisten, Holzstraße 9 (Hall)


The Round table deals with the dramatic situation of persecutions of Christians in the Middle East and many other parts of the world. At this Round table we will take the opportunity to remember their suffering and witness of faith.

Speakers: Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali; Johannes Singhammer Johannes Singhammer (Vice-President of the German Bundestag), Munich; Michael Brand (Member of the German Bundestag), Fulda; Susanne Bühl, Comunità di Sant’Egidio 

Moderator: Kuno Kallnbach, Christliches Gästezentrum Schönblick

Preparation: the Reverend Dr. Matthias Leineweber, Comunità di Sant’Egidio; Kuno Kallnbach

ROUND TABLE # 14: The treasure of prayer – importance and mandate

LOCATION: Salvatorkirche, Salvatorstr. 17 (Church)


This topic, spiritual in nature, revisits the rich experience and traditions of different spiritualities vibrant in many communities of many European cities.

Speakers: Sr. Anna Franziska Kindermann, Sießen; Hanspeter Nüesch, Zurich, Campus für Christus; Michelle Moran, England, Catholic Charismatic Renewal; Rainer Harter, Gebetshaus Freiburg; Rev. Dr. David Demian, Canada

Preparation: Bernd Oettinghaus, Evangelische Allianz Frankfurt; Birgit Janke, FCJG Lüdenscheid; Franziskanerinnen von Sießen

ROUND TABLE # 15: The future of Europe stems from its roots

LOCATION: St. Matthäus, Nußbaumstr. 1 (Church)

LANGUAGES: German, English

This Round table, which evolves around the fundamental theme of Toegther for Europe, intends to show the extent to which the life and culture of Europe including the unity of its nations have clear origins embedded in Christian values.

Speakers: Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Germany; Jeff Fountain, Holland, Schuman Centre; Branislav Škripek, Slovakia, MP of the European Parliament

Preparation: Ortwin Schweitzer, Stuttgart; Adoramus-Gemeinschaft and Günter Refle Dresden, Immanuel Community Ravensburg

ROUND TABLE # 16: Mysticism of the encounter

LOCATION: St. Michael, Maxburgstr. 1 (Hall)

LANGUAGES: Italian, German

When conflict due to a different outlook on life leads to a discovery of reciprocity, a culture of dialogue is established. When the fact of a contrasting way of thinking or having different beliefs reveals itself as having formative effect on one’s own self-awareness, a mysticism – which can be absolutely and totally secular – enters. It opens up a possibility of a shared experience.

In this Round table persons coming from diverse backgrounds and intellectual-spiritual formations will open up a space in which to explore following questions: In what do people of no religious faith believe? What is it in the other that is precious and indispensable for me? Is a different world, and a different Europe possible? What would this different world, this different Europe look like?

Speakers: Jesús Morán Cepedano, Rome, Co-President of the Focolare Movement (Movimento dei Focolari); Walter Baier, Bruxelles/Wien; Cornelia Hildebrandt, Berlin; Petra Steinmair-Pösel, Innsbruck

Moderator: Franz Kronreif, Ottmaring

Preparation: Herbert Lauenroth, Movimento dei Focolari; the Reverend Prof. Dr. Lothar Penners, Schönstatt-Bewegung

ROUND TABLE # 17: Unity - possibilities and obstacles, 500 years on

LOCATION:  St. Benno, Kreittmayrstr. 31 (Hall)


After 500 years since Luther’s reformation and 50 years after the Second Vatican Council, ecumenism finds itself at a crossroads. Theological reflection continues to highlight that which divides Christian denominations. There is much which still needs to be clarified, however a lot of ground has been covered. Experiences of ecumenism lived among Communities and Movements represent decisive steps on the way towards reconciliation in diversity and unity.

Speakers: Kirchenrat Dr. Klaus Rieth, Evangelische Landeskirche Württemberg; Prof. Dr. Peter Neuner, Munich; Pastor Friedrich Aschoff, Geistliche Gemeine-Erneuerung in der Evangelischen Kirche; the Reverend Dr. Michael Marmann, Schönstatt-Bewegung

Preparation: Prof. Dr. Joachim Schmiedl, Schönstatt-Bewegung

PROGRAMME for 2nd July 2016


Saturday at 10.30am a moment of ecumenical prayer will take place in a number of churches in Munich city centre. See below for a provisional list of churches and languages:

German: Liebfrauenkirche (Cathedral), Frauenplatz 12 (near Marienplatz square); German / Spanish: St. Michael, Neuhauser Straße 6 (pedestrian zone, between Stachus and Marienplatz square); Italian: Bürgersaalkirche, Neuhauser Straße 14 (pedestrian zone, near Stachus square); Polish: Dreifaltigkeitskirche (church of the Holy Trinity), Pacellistraße 6 (near Stachus square); English: St. Matthäus, Nußbaumstraße 1 (near Sendlinger Tor); French: St. Elisabeth, Mathildenstraße 10 (near Sendlinger Tor)



2pm – 10pm  Karlsplatz (Stachus) city square, Munich