What should come into evidence is the relationships and the collaboration that is happening locally. The greater the number of cities and towns that take part in Together for Europe, the more visible will be the network spread throughout the continent. In this way the unifying capacity of Together will be clear.

Fellowship between Communities and Movements is active in many cities. We can already talk of living realities if some members of Communities and Movements in a city meet two or three times a year to pray for their city and for the intentions of its inhabitants, as well as to reflect on the topics, speeches and messages from Stuttgart 2004 and 2007, from Brussels 2012 and from Munich 2016.

Moreover, in the context of Together for Europe 2016, it would also be desirable to take a step “outwards”.

Such a step could consist in having a small group visit the mayor to hand over the Messagee of Munich 2016 and informing local media about Together for Europe 2016.

Assess the city

  • Together identify places and activities in your city where the various Communities and Movements are involved according to the “7 Yeses”.
  • See in which of these places or activities some level of cooperation might be possible between Communities and Movements, each according to its charism.
  • Together identify other initiatives or projects related to the “7 Yeses”, whose programmes projects and initiatives can be supported by Communities and Movements.
  • Together identify the greatest needs of the city and assess how there could be a joint effort to make our contribution.

Deepen the communion

  • Meet regularly to deepen fellowship with one another, to share experiences and insights, to help and encourage each other.
  • Pray together, with the faith of having already obtained what we ask in Jesus’ name
  • Visit one another to get to know other communities better and to foster communion.

Plan together an annual meeting

  • Form local steering groups for Together for Europe.
  • If possible, plan together an annual meeting on at least one of the “7 Yeses” and/or a topic related to unity.