Discussion – Dialogue





Convincing the other about one’s own point of viewExploring and learning together
Trying to get the other to agree to itSharing ideas, experiences and feelings
Choosing the best optionIntegrating different view points
Justifying, defending one’s own motivationsIn-depth understanding of each party’s arguments
Disproving the other’s idea, defending one’s own position (values, interests)Welcoming and understanding the other
Individual leadershipShared leadership
Partial visionOverall vision, synergy of different ideas
Hierarchical and competitive culture:
Dependence, competition, exclusion
Culture of cooperation, partnership and inclusion
Victory / lossWin-win, all participants gain


See Pal Toth in Nuova Umanità, XXXVII (2015/3) 219, p. 320  

Illustration: Walter Kostner ©

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